Custom Printed Paper Rolls

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Custom Printed Paper Rolls


 Basic Receipt with Company Logo

Add your one color logo on the back of your receipts for lasting impact beyond the point of sale.  

Select paper grades that can hold printed information longer - for durability and more accurate documentation at tax time.

 Promotional Printing on Receipt Paper

Customize your receipts to support seasonal promotions and advertise specials that keep them coming back for more!

Print your targeted messages in full, vibrant colors and watch your sales soar.

 Receipts that Prevent Fraud and Counterfeit Coupons

Protect yourself and your profits from counterfeit receipt coupons with our specially designed security rolls.

We can also customize the sizing of your rolls. We have the capability to adjust width and lengths to fit your exact requirements.

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Check Out This Video - Peter Biondi explains some of the basics on Custom Printed Receipts:

Increase your profitability with each point of sale transaction...really!

  • Promote Your Brand
  • Explain your Return Policy
  • Advertise Product / Service Specials
  • Boost Name Recognition
  • Prevent receipt fraud
  • Recruit employees
  • Incentives for Repeat Business
  • Survey Customers

POS Supply Solutions provides you with custom printed paper rolls, custom size rolls, colored rolls, various paper grades and loss prevention rolls. Our access to an unparalleled array of paper grades, converting capabilities, and printing options makes us the best choice for printed paper rolls. If you’re not sure what combination of paper and printing is best, we’ll work with you to customize a solution that fits your needs. We have some Pre-Printed rolls available for purchase by the case (Shown Below). Custom Printed Paper is available in as little as 5 cases or as many as you need!